Planning any event especially a wedding can be daunting. We specialize in providing mobile bars for all types of events but for this article will focus on the important things to consider for 2017 weddings:-

1. After choosing your venue consider the location and size of bar you may require based on the space within the venue or marquee and your planned guest numbers. If you are planning on having a marquee wedding it may be worth speaking with your chosen provider as the bar area will take up floor space meaning a slightly larger marquee may be required.
2. What kind of service do you want from your mobile bar provider? Here at Oscar's we have a variety of services from a simply run cash bar throughout the entire day or just the evening to a full day drinks package including welcome drinks, table wine and toast drinks. If you planning on providing some drinks yourself it is worth checking what your chosen mobile bar provider's policy is on this.
3. Drinks choices; A good supplier should enable you some options when it comes to the drinks they supply. We have the ability to provide many different lager & cider products and have access to 100's of local products including ale's, wines and spirits.
4. It's all in the planning. Any mobile bar provider to your wedding should be able to give you an accurate idea of when they will be set up, how many staff they will have working and when they will be leaving your venue once the wedding is over. They should also advise you on how many electrical sockets they may require and the physical amount of space required.